The Scales of War

Heading North

Heading north, Ruddick scouts ahead. He notices an intersection of two hallways, perpendicular to on another. To his left is a door with a black sun on it and voices are heard. To the right is a door with writing in a different language titled: “To honor the heroic guardians of Rivenroar,” and directly ahead is a staircase leading down to a door with a blue light emanating from it. Before Ruddick can decide what to do, two ghouls wander out of the door with the black sun on it. Ruddick decides this is the moment to leave and rejoins the party, telling them of what he saw.

The party heads into the hall toward the stairs with the blue light. There is no evidence of the ghouls wandering about, but they stay wary of what might happen. Upon entering the room, a pool of very flat, clear water takes up most of the room. Before much else can happen, Ruddick shouts “Hey monsters, come and get me!”

Our heroes were not impressed by the recklessness, but proceed anyway. The pool, when touched, showed different images of different rooms throughout the castle. It was a virtual map! They try to jump in, hoping the map would take them to their location, but all except Ruddick only wind up ankle-deep in water.

Trying to figure out what this pool does, Ruddick begins drinking the water. He feels refreshed! Then, to relieve himself, he deficates in the pool…all the characters have left the water by this point, thankfully. Then, with one final act of desperation, he jams a hexor rod into the pool bottom. Still nothing happens. A noise from behind pulls our heroes back from the pool…

Two ghouls and two zombies are at the foot of the stairs, growling at the party! Jenks runs into battle and is knocked out-again. Together, the party moves as a well-oiled machine. They are starting to work as one unit, rather than six separate units. Brigette uses her strength and might, Jenks, once stable, unleashes arrow after arrow at the creatures. Ruddick uses his abilities to flank and sneak attack, Nora hurls potent insults at then, Stoobs unleashes his mighty Radiant Vengeance, Aelar hurls flames at them, and Gratch attacks as a spider-pal should. The creatures fall to the mighty Antler-Thistle Six.



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