The Scales of War

Into the Abyss

Once Zerriksa was rescued, the adventurers found their way back to the room with the mushrooms. Being careful to avoid them, they made their way to the other side of the room where two ropes appeared to go up…and up into the ceiling. Stoobs takes a quick look at them and climbs the first rope with Aelar in tow. Once up the rope, Stoobs discovers a hall on the next floor. Moreover, there were hobgoblins awaiting our heroes’ arrival!

On the floor, Zerriksa was proving to be quite difficult. Refusing to cooperate, demanding she be taken back to town at once, among other things, Bridgette tires of this and attempts to tie her up. Zerriksa puts up such a fight that Bridgette gives up, as long as Zerriksa cooperates.

Up in the ceiling, Stoobs and Aelar are attempting to rid themselves of the hobgoblin problem. Aelar struggles, but manages to pull one of the goblins out of the hall and down the hole. Meanwhile, Stoobs attacks the remaining hobgoblin. Seeing the fight, Nora heads up the rope to assist the other two. Bridgette heads up the rope, getting hit by the falling goblin, while Ruddick and Jenks await the enemies on the floor.

Stoobs pulls himself out of the hole, but is immediately pushed back down by one of the hobgoblins. Thankfully Jenks was there to break his fall! With our other heroes barely clinging to the rope, the goblins appear to have the advantage. Stabilizing themselves, Bridgette and Aelar climb off the rope into the hall above and dispatch the remaining hobgoblins. However, one of them managed to call for help prior to his disposal.

Bridgette and Aelar follow the remaining hobgoblin into a room above and another fight ensues with more hobgoblins and what appears to be their commander. Nora, not to be left out, attempts to follow, but is pushed back down the hole, hitting Stoobs who has managed to climb back up the rope at this point. Stoobs is not so lucky this time, he is knocked unconscious by the fall. With Bridgette and Aelar the only remaining two in the room, Aelar is knocked out with sudden attacks. Nora manages to make it to the room and assists Bridgette in dispatching the enemies. Nora stabilizes Aelar and Jenks down in the basement stabilizes Stoobs.

Ruddik Klebe rejoins our party after taking the long route around – he went up the other rope and managed to avoid any damage – pretty sneaky! Jenks and Stoobs also rejoin and our party proceeds through the doors in what appears to be their barracks.



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