The Scales of War

The Black Sun

Heading back from whence they came, our party goes to the intersection and heads for the black sun doors. As they enter the room, our party is taken aback by what lies ahead. Lying in the floor is a large, black, mosaic sun! The torches and the sun both dim when people enter the room, making it fairly eerie. Running right through the center of the sun is a very large and very dangerous crack. They will have to be careful when crossing the room so as not to wind up a floor below…

Noticing nothing of value (more interest than anything) they decide to go back. They head for the honor guard crypt. Ruddick, doing what he does best, sneaks into the crypt unnoticed. This room is the same size as the black sun room, but with alcoves! In the middle of the room lies a fountain, with a small human tied to it.

This young man, who appears to be a pain in the ass from the looks of the other hostages, was taken from Brindle with his father – Cartnicks. He asks about his father, to which our party avoids the questions to not upset Thurin, as he is called.

Our party makes one final discovery before leaving the chambers with Thurin, a kit holding the makings of an escape tattoo is found and taken!



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