The Scales of War

The Crypt of Rivenroar

Entering the cellar, the characters notice that this is no ordinary cellar. Indeed, they have stumbled upon something much bigger! Upon entering the cellar, there is an inscription on the wall “Here lie the Rivenroars until the day of the black sun, if you seek their monument, look at the lands around you.” Puzzled, our heroes look around the crypt for clues to the stolen treasures of Brindol.

Four sarcophagi adorn the center of the room, all standing on end. An altar is in the Southeast corner of the room. Searching the altar, they notice it was originally dedicated to Vecna, a very evil god. However, since the hobgoblins invaded the castle, they made some modifications. The altar is now dedicated to Bane, which is noted as the god of war.

Upon searching the room, bedrolls and rucksacks are found everywhere. The characters begin the search for the missing artifacts of Brindol. Nothing is found within the rucksacks or bedrolls and our heroes seem to be at a dead end. That is, until Sertanian speaks up. “I say we search the Sarcophagi, these hobgoblins have no respect for the dead and probably hid the artifacts inside them.” The party reluctantly agrees to search the sarcophagi…

In the first one, our characters slide the heavy lid off to reveal a skeleton beneath. A magical stag helm is located on the head of the skeleton, which is taken for the party. In the next three, only corpses, silver, and gold are found.

Searching the room further, our party notices a pit in one of the corners with an odd smell coming from it. The party deduces this was probably a pit meant for invaders to fall into.

Seeing nothing more of value in the room, they move on…



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