The Scales of War

The Dungeon

Moving ahead down a hallway, Ruddik takes the lead. Scouting ahead, he sees two gnomes around a fire that appear to be guarding something. Taking notice, there are jail cells all around, along with alcoves nearby. Deep into the jail and alcoves, moans and screams are heard of someone who appears to be human. Could it be another prisoner?

Our heroes move ahead and attack the gnomes. Fire monsters appear to dispatch our would-be heroes, but all are dispatched before long. Upon defeating their enemies, nothing new is noticed right away. Sure, some currency was found upon searching the sarcophagi, but nothing major comes upon them – yet.

Our adventurers notice writing on the eastern wall “Hail Von Erstadt: Ascend with Glory.” Coming further down the hall appears to be moans, groans, and everything but sex noises. Hard to tell, but there is probably only one prisoner down there. The party follows the moans down a set of stairs and finds jail cell after jail cell. Must be where the prisoners were kept until they could be dealt with, our heroes think. In one of the cells is a man who is not in the best shape – looks like he’s seen a lot.

Ruddik, wasting little time, unlocks the cell to free this man. His name is Sertanian and he alludes to the fact that Mirtala, another prisoner might be in mortal danger. He was a cook and might make a pleasant meal for our capturers. Kartenix is also feared dead. Seems Cartnicks wants to rise up against the Ettercaps guarding him and walk out of the castle unscathed. Nice wish!

Our heroes wasted no time in searching for both of these captives. Following a lead from Sertanian, they head toward the area they fear Kartenix is being held. They find all sorts of sticky shit on the floors and walls, along with the Ettercaps that made it. The Ettercaps proved no match for our heroes and were easily overpowered. Could it be that Kartenix managed to overpower these weaklings? Or is the fact that they are still here a grave signal. Upon their defeat, a search of the sticky shit room ensues. In the corner is a pile of sticky shit. Underneath a body is found – Sertanian confirms this is Kartenix, or rather was. Our heroes have had a very busy adventure and rest is needed for them to wipe off the grief of losing one of the hostages.



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