The Scales of War

The Final Battle of Castle Rivenroar

We're gonna kick the shit out of this door!

Continuing to move through the castle, our party enters a room with a door that makes a strange metal-on-metal noise. Stoobs, noting this, decides to break the door down to enter the next room. Upon doing this, Bridgette screams as Stoobs is hit by what was no doubt making the strange noise – a set of metal teeth dig into Stoobs! After he frees himself, our party notices a strange goblin in the center of the next room, wearing plate armor. Could it be Sinruth!

Nora takes the first hit from the huge Goblin, as she attempts to sneak around him. Aelar nails him with a bolt of lightning, and Jenks hit him so hard, he couldn’t move very fast. Stoobs then plants the Battle Standard of Honor, places his Oath of Enmity on him, and casts his mighty Radiant Vengeance. Shen manages to use a new weapon – his spirit polar bear to his Sinruth. Ruddick does an amazing tumble, managing to slide behind the table and hide for the battle. Sinruth pulls out his battle chain and whirls it around, connecting with Bridgett, who had charged in to attack. Seeing this, Nora attacks and hits with her Guiding Strike. Brigette, now furious, attacks using Devastating Strike and Furious Assault, doing massive damage to Sinruth. Shen follows with Spirit of Grief’s Shadow. Sinruth, obviously angered by this, whirls around and hits Bridgette and Jenks, knocking Bridgette down. Nora manages to hit with her Prophesied Strike, and Bridgette follows. Aelar and Shen create an advantage for the party by dazing Sinruth. Jenks, seeing this, sends his spider in to attack. Sinruth, having seen better days, screams in pain as the spider hits him. Shen uses his knowledge of primal arts to heal Bridgette and Jenks, who have been beaten up during this encounter. Sinruth decides to attack those nearest him again, nailing Bridgette. Aelar sees this and sends a flaming hawk at him. Jenks manages to run in and stabilize Bridgette, who appears motionless after her last attack. Haunting Spirits comes from the hands of Shen, and Bridgette takes another hit. Sinruth does a flash and a dance and disappears! The party attempts to remove the lid on the coffin in the room, but others search for him. Shen’s magic bear managed to locate him, Aelar and Stoobs follow to attack. Jenks, seeing this, takes his opportunity to hit him and successfully kills him. Out of anger for what he did to Bridgette, Stoobs takes Sinruth’s head. Aelar takes the dragon crest helm, which belongs to the city of Bridle, and the gauntlets as well. They find a map of the region marked with ambush spots.

Searching Sinruth’s body farther, they find a letter stating the Red Hand shall rise again! He apparently was hired to fight for the goblins and to take war items for the Red Hand.

Now that Sinruth is defeated, we are still missing one hostage…



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