The Scales of War

The Hall

Bones don't just quiver.

The party heads down the hallway from the chamber where Thurin was found to see what it can do for the remainder of the hostages and the artifacts. Ruddick, Jenks, and his pet spider scout ahead as they always do. They discover a throne room with piles of bones and a skeleton sitting in one of the thrones. Next to the skeleton is what appears to be a rotting corpse!

Relaying this information to the party, they decide to enter and attack whatever evil lies here. Upon their entry, the corpse shouts “Intruders!” and the bones begin shaking. “Arise my warriors,” is heard from the rotting corpse, and the bones assemble into skeletons! Our party attacks the skeletons, taking many hits throughout. Shen shows off his might using his spirit bear to protect the party in battle. The skeletons prove no match for our heroes as Aelar, Jenks, and Stoobs take them out. Time to take out the boss…

The rotting corpse turns out to be a wight upon closer inspection. With their attention now on the Wight, the party is filled with might from Nora, who sings a song of courage. Our heroes attack valiantly, but in the end it was Stoobs who took out the Wight using his mighty Memories of a Thousand Lifetimes. However, the dead wight merged with the remaining skeleton on the throne and healed it!

Our party focuses all their attention on the skeleton, while Bridgette finishes off another skeleton recovering some health in the process. In the end, the team defeats the skeleton in charge, with Ruddick dealing the final blow to it. The remaining skeletons re easily defeated by Nora and Aelar. During a search of the room, the party finds a battle standard that appears to give them help in battle.

Paintings are noticed on one of the walls, which appear to have been defaced. Seeing this, Aelar, Jenks, and Stoobs scout ahead and noticed a bear-sized dog glowing red…



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