The Scales of War

The Next Hall

I release you crypt-guardian

The monster in the center of the room turns out to be an evistro! It is released upon the entry of our party by two were-rats. The battle ensues against the were-rats, the party seems to forget about the evistro for a moment as they dispatch the rats. As they are fighting, one of the were-rats transforms into a dire-rat, narrowly missing Stoobs with its attack. Together our party defeats the rats in this room and sneaks back into the hallway – they are headed for the sun room!

On their way, they notice another room that appears to be a cathedral within the castle. Inside, more were-rats and a gnome guard the place. In this room, these enemies prove no match as our party easily defeats them, despite Ruddick spilling his quiver all over the place.

After defeating the enemies, our party notices a few items. Upon examining them, they invite one of the hostages to look at them. It turns out the Ceremonial Sword, Broken Shields, and Battle Standard were in this room the whole time! Our party recovers these to take back to Brindle with them.



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