The Scales of War

The Painting

Once past the barracks, our heroes enter a new room that has a very strange aura about it. A painting of a sinister castle is on the far wall and appears to be flickering a blue light. Very creepy. Exits are noticed on both sides of the room. However, before they can proceed, our heroes are attacked!

A jelly-like creature slithers from the painting, attacking our friends. Before long, the creature splits into two, making it a 2-front fight. Ruddick is knocked out, but stabilized quickly by Jenks. Jenks, making his presence known, gives a valiant effort in destroying the jelly. Though he was sick and having trouble keeping his supper down, he managed to fight well. Unfortunately for our adventurers, the jellies are not the worst of the problem. The jellies died, but then specters appeared!

Stoobs does a flash and a dance and out comes his very potent Radiant Vengeance. Take that you horrid creatures! They inspect the room following the battle and notice writing on the west door “Von U Stadt.” Our heroes enter…



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