The Scales of War

The Search Continues...

"I'm gonna bloopity-blam those dudes."

Sneaky McThief (Ruddick) enters the hall first, inspecting as he goes. He notices four statues of displacer beasts, with amber eyes aglow. He also notices a naked female prisoner tied to the altar at the far end of the room. She is being guarded by two gnomish skulks and three dire rats.

As our party attacks the creatures guarding who appears to be Mirtala, the dire rats play dirty. Filth Fever is given to Jenks and Aelar, affecting their health. Jenks reveals another deadly weapon at this point, Gratch, his pet spider, has come along for the fight! Our party continues to attack…

The gnomes proved no match for our heroes, but they had a few tricks up their sleeves, too. The party attacked and attacked until the gnomes were bleeding profusely. As the gnomes got up from their latest wounds, they vanished! The party members attacked the spots where the gnomes had been, hitting something once.

The gnomes reappeared behind Nora and stabbed her in the back! Nora dropped with a gasp like a sack of doorknobs onto the dungeon floor. Upon noticing this, Aelar rushed to her aid and rescued her. The gnomes were ferociously attacked by Stoobs, Bridgette, Jenks, Ruddick, and Gratch at this point. Giving the final blows, Stoobs lowers his weapon.

They party turns their attention to the hostage, who appears to be frightened half to death. She can’t even speak! Jenks softened his voice and talked to her, calming her down. It turns out this is Mirtala, whom earlier reports said she was planned to be eaten! Jenks unties her from the altar and notices this altar is different. Upon further inspection, this altar was dedicated to the Raven Queen!

Finding nothing useful, our heroes head back up the stairs with another hostage in tow…



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