The Scales of War

The Von Arez Kauthin Crypt

Entering this next room, the title “Von Arez Kauthin Crypt” is noted by our heroes. The walls of this crypt were crawling with life. Each part of the wall had a likeness of a human walking around the room. They appeared to be likenesses of those buried in the crypt. Directly in the center of the room, sat 4 goblins and 2 spitting drakes! So much for the element of surprise…

A fight ensues for our party. Jenks manages to bust another bow – somewhere around 25% of the time he breaks a bow. Both he and Bridgette rush into the fight. Bridgette immediately gets blinded by the spit of the drakes, and Jenks is knocked unconscious. The rest of the party rushes to their assistance, stabilizing Jenks and defeating the drakes and goblins.

Once the creatures are dispatched, another enemy enters the room and begins deflecting the party’s attacks off him! Once he was hit, he went down, though. Hard to hit, but easy to defeat once hit.

Following their current path, they enter the next room adjacent to the crypt. Here there are 3 sarcophogi sticking out of the floor a tad. Also, a hostage named Jalissa is chained to the wall! Upon her rescue, the party offers her some food, and finds out she can alarm the room, which would be very helpful to the party, considering the beating they just took.



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