The Scales of War

The Basement

After our adventurers secured the entryway, the group went through the back door and down the stairs. They entered a dark room and found many different colored mushrooms growing on the floor. Upon testing them, they discovered the brown mushrooms created a cloud of concealment, the white mushrooms created a shrieking noise, and the gray mushrooms were doomspores. In the back of the room, there were two Rage Drakes awaiting their arrival.

Our heroes took their positions and managed to attack the drakes without hesitation. The drakes proved to be no match for the party who pulled together as one to defeat their adversaries. Once the drakes were out of the way, our heroes moved through to the next room where they found an elderly woman awaiting their arrival.

Our woman was none other than Zerriksa, a famous witch from the town of Brindol. She was trapped in a dome of energy, being held prisoner! After studying the dome, the party tried many things to free her. Bridgette tried using force, even crashing into the cell once. Nora seemed to study it the most and, getting her timing right, pulled Zerriksa from the cell. The cell fell with a crash to the floor and Zerriksa was free! The party only needed to safely transport her and the other 8 prisoners back to Brindol…

Castle Rivenroar

Our adventurers headed out to the ruins of Castle Rivenroar. Upon reaching the ruins, the adventurers had learned that Hobgoblins and Goblins were guarding the castle. Finding the door locked, Nora unlocked the castle doors and our party found themselves staring into the faces of 2 goblins and 2 hobgoblins. Brazers were on either side of the door in the back and moved forward every so often firing a wall of fire across the chamber. A fight ensued and Nora was knocked unconscious. Jenks, being nearest to Nora, stabilized her to keep her alive. In the meantime, Bridgette, Ruddick, Stoobs, and Aelar kept attacking. Once the goblins were felled, the hobgoblins proved easy. Bridgette managed to intimidate them into surrendering.

The party was faced with a moral dilemma at this point. Bridgette and Jenks wanted to let the prisoners live and go free. Stoobs, Ruddick, and Nora wished to kill them so that no one would know they had entered into the ruins. Aelar chose to remain on the sideelines and let the situation work itself out. In the end, Nora secretly killed one of the prisoners. Upon noticing this, Bridgette stormed off to cool down and Jenks released the other prisoner who took off out of the castle.

No Small Task

Our adventurers have been tasked with retrieving nine prisoners from captivity after the previous day’s raid on the city, as well as some stolen artifacts from the Hall of Great Valor. They were promised 300GP by Eoffram Troyas of the city council, as well as whatever services the people of Brindol could muster.

Fortunately, a prisoner from the invading force had been taken, and was being held in Brindol’s stocks, ready for questioning. After a tense few moments, as well as some idle threats from Bridgette, we learned that the prisoners had been taken to Sinruth’s basecamp in the catacombs beneath Castle Rivenroar.

The Aftermath

A crowd gathers after the adventurers defeat the ogre, and more guards arrive a few minutes later. They imme- diately ask for the party’s help defending the bridge. But by the time they reach the bridge, Sinruth’s band has already retreated. The residents of Brindol spend the rest of the night putting out the fires that the goblins set, tending to the wounded, and keeping a nervous watch from the ramparts.

The next morning, the full extent of Sinruth’s attack is known, including the captives taken and the treasures stolen from the Hall of Great Valor.

The Ogre
I suppose I can attack it...

The adventurers took on a fully-grown Ogre and his three Hobgoblin archer cronies, defeating them in 60 seconds. Again, a large amount of fire was involved, though the adventurers weren’t responsible.

The Antler-Thistle-Six
That name's gonna stick, isn't it?

The adventurers help to quench the flaming tavern as the city guards approach. The guards begin to question all of those in the area as to what occurred to lead to such a disaster.

The Bar in Brindol
Instead of just being a crabass, why don't we just have a drink together?

Ruddik Klebe stole 20 GP from 7 merchant workers at the Antler and Thistle, and Aelar overheard that there’s trouble brewing around town. Attacks are rumored to have been occurring in the area, with the culprit being anything from a band of raging minotaurs to an angry drow wizard.

After a few hours, a group of hobgoblins and goblins broke the door down, storming inside, claiming to be fighting in [[Sinruth|Sinruth’s}] name. A nasty battle ensued, leaving the hobgoblin invaders dead and the bar on fire.


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